Fantastic female orgasm is possible in love making when both parners symultaneously achieve it.When you seek the pleasure of your mate each time you make love,then you are set to give her fantastic orgasm or great climax always.

The make up of a lady is quite different from that of a man,so you need to understand your partners make up.Each time you make love,a man's satisfaction is almost certain but a lady has to be properly motivated and carried along in order for her to climax.

Every physical activity in life is learned by practice;why would you think love making should be different?
Love making is not innate but learned.Here are 3 easy steps to take to make her climax each time you make love:

1) Foreplay:
Research have revealed that it is easier for a man to retard his ejaculation after a long period of foreplay than after sudden arousal.Besides,as he learns to affectionately arouse his partner,he will attain intense excitement in her response himself ,and it will enrich his own climax.So it is never wise to be in a hurry. So take time to give her a good foreplay.

2) Dont be selfish:
Selfishness is one of the reasons why you cant make your partner climax and want more of you.If you are only concerned about enjoying sex without placing your partners need ahead of your u'll only succeed in turning the art of love making into a routine or obligation that must be carried out to sustain your relationship rather than making it an experience both of you are looking forward to.Since women are emotional beings whose pleasure is closely linked to their feelings,a combination of kisses and stimulation will help your woman to happily climax.You need to whisper into her ears your plans for her while you kiss her on different parts of her body.This will help stimulate her as she awaits your next moves.

3)Dont be dogmatic and try oral sex:
using same style and position everytime make love making a boring routine.Get creative and ocassionally try different sex positions and method to spice up your lovemaking.Doggie style is a good one for quickie,she can even have it while she still have her skirt on.Sometimes you could give it to her in the kitchen,bathtub etc without compromising privacy.Oral sex is a powerful tool in the hand of men because thousands of nerves end at the clitoris of a woman.So a man need to know how to do it the right way.Give her oral sex until she is dripping wet for penetrative sex and be gentle on her as you go down on her heavily.

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